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4 Apps That Make Side Hustles Easy in 2019

by John Peters

Over the last few decades, having a side hustle has become a very popular trend shoes no signs of declination. Whether you are student or a working professional, adding an extra source of income is never a bad idea. Side-hustles allow you to expand and grow professionally while putting some extra money in your bank account. Whether you need to pay bills, save for your dream vacation or just need some extra cash, it is important to know how to fully optimize what is available to us at the push of a button. These 4 different types of apps can help you accomplish your financial goals without getting in the way of your busy schedule!

Survey Apps
This is easiest and the most efficient way to earn cash on the side. Most college students own smartphones and are glued to them as they make their way to class. This would be the perfect time to unlock your phone and open up Zap Surveys, a mobile app that pays you real money to take surveys. You can start earning immediately and get paid $6.25 after your first survey! Zap Surveys has paid out over $300,000 to its users and the number is only going to continue to grow!  Don’t miss out on these easy and convenient way to earn money!

Scooter/Ride Share Apps
In the summer of 2018, one of the most evolutionary transportation developments was made for residents of urban cities. This introduction of public electric scooters by companies like Bird and Lime took cities by storm and were a hit. Along with being a fun and cost-effective alternative to walking, riding the bus, or taking the train, these companies also provided an opportunity anyone to make money by charging these scooters over night!

After you’ve signed up for your personal Bird or Lime account, you can also apply to be a charger. After you get approved, the scooter company sends you the actual chargers and you are free to charge as you please. You can get paid between $3-$20 per scooter, so charge as many as possible for maximum cash in your pocket! Taking on this side hustle requires little effort and big reward, so if you decide to take this route, Happy Earnings!

Odd Jobs Apps
There are hundreds of things people need help with everyday and these people are willing to pay you to help them accomplish these tasks. From baby sitting to building furniture, there’s definitely something you can pick up to make some extra cash. Use websites such as TaskRabbit or Fiverr to find these odd jobs. If you are fortunate enough to have your car, you may want to look into Uber, Lyft, Postmates or Door Dash. All of these options will pay you well and can be done at your convenience!

Dog Walking Apps
The Digital Age has finally infiltrated one of the most important relationships a person has, the relationship with their dog.

From the standpoint of an adult with a full time job with limited time, taking care of  a dog can be tough. Walking, feeding, and playing with a dog are just the few things a dog requires everyday, but how can you fulfill all of these obligations with such limited time? Easy, use mobile friendly apps like Rover or Wag that provide dog walking services for your pup while you’re busy at work or whatever it is that you do.

From the standpoint of a hustler who desperately needs money and loves dogs, this a great opportunity to earn a few extra bucks. Whether it is during your lunch break or your day off, taking a few dogs on a walk proves to become very lucrative. As you increase your frequency, your rating should also follow suit. A higher rating calls for more appointments by dog owners which results in more cash for you to spend/save/do whatever! This is a great side hustle for someone who loves animals and wants some extra exercise in their lifestyle!

Whatever side hustle you decide to take on, remember that they are simply for your convenience, so make sure not to over work yourself. Once you have the time needed to successfully work a side-hustle, you will see the most return. It may not be easy at first, but stay consistent in whatever you may pick up, and who knows? It may lead to a life-changing purchase!

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