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4 Ways To Make Money From YouTube

by John Peters

Wondering how to make some extra cash off of YouTube? You’re in the right place!

4. Advertise with AdWords

Do you have an existing Youtube channel and looking to build your following? Great! You can extend the reach and impressions of your videos by using Google AdWords. Make sure to go for In-Display ads instead of In-Stream ads. In-Display ads will show up as a suggested video at the top of the results when users search for videos. With this method, you will increase your overall subscriber and viewer-base, and make more money from your channel! Don’t have a YouTube channel? Check out some alternative ways to make money with side jobs here!

3. Affiliate Marketing

If you have even a semi-popular Youtube channel, or a channel geared at a specific audience, you can do affiliate marketing promotions with companies looking to promote their products. How most affiliate campaigns work is you will promote the product at the very beginning of the video, and provide a link to the product / company website in the description of your video. Depending on the deal, you can get paid a flat rate, cost per click (CPC), cost per install (CPI), or a combination of the above for your promotion. You can do the same thing with Twitter and Instagram – for a more in-depth look check out our blog posts about Making Money With Twitter and with Instagram

2. Cash Giveaway Channels

There are many YouTube channels that frequently post videos where viewers can be entered into a giveaway to potentially earn free money. Often the only thing you have to do is enter is like or subscribe to the channel, or sometimes comment something specific on the video as well. One such channel is Cash Giveaway.

1. Subscribe to Apps That Pay

Apps That Pay’s YouTube channel gives you the latest and best ways to make money from your phone! If you’re on the hunt for more way to earn quick cash, make sure to subscribe to their channel and be notified whenever they release a new video. New apps, giveaways, and more ways to make money are constantly being posted on their channel. Check it out!

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