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5 Side Hustles All College Students Should Consider

by John Peters

College is tough, especially when you’re a full time-student. Balancing school work, social life, and personal and mental health can take up a lot of time — not to mention finances. Earning an income as a full-time student can be challenging, but taking on side hustles can be the remedy for that problem. Whether you need to pay bills, fund your savings, or just need extra spending money, these can get the job done without getting in the way of your busy schedule

Take Surveys
This is easiest and the most efficient way to earn cash on the side. Most college students own smartphones and are glued to them as they make their way to class. This would be the perfect time to unlock your phone and open up Zap Surveys, a mobile app that pays you real money to take surveys. You can start earning immediately and get paid $6 after your first survey! Zap Surveys has paid out over $300,000 to its users and the number is only going to continue to grow!  Don’t miss out on these easy and convenient way to earn money!

Get an On Campus Job
Applying for on campus jobs may be one of the best and smartest decisions young college students can make. There are several options from working as a student assistant to being a referee for intramural sports. On-campus jobs come with extreme flexibility and sufficient pay for a student. At the same time, you’re building your resume, so its a win—win situation!

Tutoring may be one of the easier routes to take because it can be done right on campus at your own time. Identify a subject that you enjoy or excel at and use your knowledge to make some money. From elementary school all the way up to college, tutoring help is always needed. Utilize websites like TutorCraigslist, or your university groups on social media. The more exposure you give yourself, the better chance of you landing a tutoring gig. If you’d prefer to be a little bit more reserved in your approach, consider becoming a tutor/teacher assistant for a specific department at your school. Tutoring is a great way to showcase your skills and make some money at the same time!

Take on small, time-efficient tasks
There are hundreds of things people need help with everyday and these people are willing to pay you to help them accomplish these tasks. From baby sitting to building furniture, there’s definitely something you can pick up to make some extra cash. Use websites such as TaskRabbit or Fiverr to find these odd jobs. If you are fortunate enough to have your car on campus with you, you may want to look into Uber, Lyft, or Postmates. All of these options will pay you well and can be done at your convenience!

Resell Sneakers
Yes, you read that right. RESELL SNEAKERS.
Over the past few years, the sneaker industry has grown dramatically and thousands of people have made substantial profits. The whole basis of this lucrative side hustle is built upon the hype behind the specific sneaker. Whether the hype is built upon by a celebrity endorser or brilliant branding, people will always be willing to pay insane amounts of money to be the “cool guy”. That being said, you should be the person who capitalizes on this.

To start, you want to educate yourself on the sneaker market. Head over to sneaker blogs such as Sneaker NewsSole Collector, or Nice Kicks to keep up with what are considered to be the most sought after pair of kicks. Familiarize yourself with the details of the sneaker (release date, location of release, price, etc.) and after you do this, plan on purchasing the sneaker. Though it is relatively tough to acquire a sneaker everyone is after, any one can get lucky. And once you become more and more familiar with sneaker culture and its trends, acquiring the shoes will not be as tough. That being said, once you have the hype sneaker in your possession, head over to StockX or download the GOAT app on your phone to check the market value of that sneaker. Simply type in the name or model of the sneaker and view the price. Sneaker prices, just like any commodity, fluctuate. Be mindful of the value listed and sell accordingly. The best platforms we’ve seen to sell shoes specifically are EbayGrailed, or the two websites mentioned previously, StockX or the GOAT app.

More informations for resell sneakers ? How To Make Thousands By Selling Sneakers

Don’t feel pressured to take on every side-hustle possible. They are simply for your convenience, so make sure not to over work yourself. Once you have the time-management skills needed to successfully work a side-hustle, you will see the most return. It may not be easy at first, but stay consistent in whatever you may pick up, and who knows? It may turn into a career someday!

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