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5 Things All People Who Make $1000+ a Month in Side Hustles Do

by John Peters

The concept of making money on the Internet may have killed the hobbyist, but it resuscitated the hustler.

The American Dream or How to Make it in America - Film On Air ...

Scott Mescudi as Domingo Brown in HBO program How to Make It in America side-hustling as a dog-walker

Chances are high that there are 5 things that they consistently do in order to earn up to $1000/month in secondary income.

Here are five ways the side hustler can actively make money that don’t require them to drastically alter their lifestyle.

Do these five things and watch the money roll in.


1. They use their credit card every chance they get to earn cash back.

I mean, it’s almost silly not to.

Every time you swipe that plastic rectangle, you’re eligible to see the returns flow in like the water that fills the Nile river.

Most offers are between 1 and 5% cash back. While it might not seem much, you’ll be surprised at how much you can rack up.

For example, if you spent $30,000 in a year, you make $1,500 back, Pretty nifty, heh?

Take pride in making this a habit.

You’ve taken a step the majority of side hustlers worry about taking for fear of tripping.

If you want to go the extra mile cash back has made it’s way in apps, and that comes on TOP of credit card cash back, why not double you cash back earnings? Our favorite cash back app is Zap Surveys it has both the highest cash back amounts and a high variety of top brands.

2. They use their spare time to earn more money.

Stop frying your brain with mindless television every night after work and with Instagram every night before bed. In 2019 the average time spent on social medias was 144 minutes per day, which has been increasing steadily year after year.

You could be using that time for different side hustles or learning new professional skills. If you fully replaced just the social media time with more useful skills you would save 876 hours a year or 36.5 days, imagine how much you could earn in that time!

But, you should probably make time to log onto Zap Surveys to make a quick buck by voicing your opinion on low-stake topics, whether that’s on the stationary bike or in bed.


3. They use coupons on everything.

Cutting coupons out of a pamphlet is the perhaps the one nostalgic act even the hipster with the gnarliest mustache + mullet wouldn’t touch.

The side hustler shouldn’t either.

However, the side hustler definitely utilizes the coupons found in apps.

They probably use Honey, a browser extension that automatically finds and applies coupon codes at checkout with a single click, too.

4. They stay informed on the best ways to earn.

They’re no slouch when it comes to keeping up with the latest and greatest. Just as a laywer or doctor has to pass a recertification examination every several or so years, the side hustler has to stay informed on the best ways to earn. The good news is that they can easily do so by camping out in subreddits like Beer Money (mmmm, beer) or by reading all of our blog posts.


5. They sell what they don’t need.

This one’s huge.


The most effective side hustlers are often minimalistic individuals who are untethered to most of their worldly possessions.

Most are are pros at selling their items on eBay.

What self-respecting self hustler doesn’t love a good bidding war and/or auction?

As a bonus, they usually volunteer a portion of their free time for video game testing and app testing.



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