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6 Things You’re Doing Wrong on Zap Surveys

by John Peters

How to get extra cash with Zap Surveys ? Here’s a few little tricks for the popular survey app Zap Surveys guaranteed to put some extra cash in your pocket.

1. Daily Check-Ins
Did you realize if you go to the ‘Daily’ section on Zap Surveys, there’s an option to check in by tapping on the day? Every day that you do this, you’re throwing another 3 cents on top of your current balance, getting you that much closer to your next cash out.

2. Location Rewards
Another quick way to effortlessly earn more money on the go is enabling Zap Surveys to know your location, which allows for promotions from various companies to be displayed on your notification screen. Opening these notifications results in instant earnings for as much as $0.25 per swipe!

3. Social Media
Head over to the ‘More’ tab and hit the Share button. You get $0.50 for sharing the app on Facebook and another $0.50 for Tweeting, so make sure you let all of your followers know how easy it is to make a little extra cash.

4. Referral Codes
While you’re still on that ‘More’ tab, you’ll also see your personal Referral ID. Make sure all your friends and followers you just shared the app with to use this code so you get an extra $0.15 per person, and anyone that uses your code gets $0.75!

5. Challenges
Head back to the ‘Daily’ tab and you’ll notice there are also progressive challenges you can do which result in some sweet bonuses. The first of these is logging in for 45 days in a row, which nets a $0.75 payout. Couple this with your daily reward and you’ll make over $2.00 without even having to take any surveys.

6. Daily Tickets
Stay on the ‘Daily’ tab and head down to the Daily Pick’n Win section. Claiming this ticket every day gives you multiple entries to a regularly held sweepstakes! The more tickets you’ve collected the bigger the chance you earn whatever prize value is currently being offered.

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