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Air Bank N Bank get Income with Air Bnb

by John Peters

​Do you have that untouched room in your house or apartment? Why I am paying for this square footage you ask? Well then take a stub of wisdom from Albert Einstein who said, “in the middle of adversity, lies opportunity”. That empty room that you’re paying for is an opportunity. With Air Bnb you can make that very square footage into passive income that PAYS YOU.

Listing your room on the Air Bnb app is quick and easy. Once you get the app check your area to see the going rates of similar rooms. Make sure to take into account other costs like cleaning and security. Once you’ve decided a price, list the room and watch the offers come rolling in. Most Air Bnb users have a rating that other listers have given them, allowing you to know if you are renting out your place to decent individual.

​We here at Apps that Pay strongly believe in diversifying your revenue streams and this revenue stream should not be squandered.

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