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Fun Date Activities To Do for Under $20 or Even FREE!!

by John Peters

Hey college students! So, we all know that we want to do fun/unique things with our significant others, but sometimes date night can become a high-priced ordeal. If it’s someone you’re asking out for the first time, you might quickly resort to the “Let’s go to dinner!” in panic mode not knowing what to say. Whoops! Who knows how much that’s going to cost!? When put on the spot for anything, our minds just shoot to the standard date night activities. Reading over these fun and inexpensive ideas will help them pop into your head the next time you get a “what do you want to do?”. Not only will your pockets be happy, but people love a creative, different activity that sticks in their memory way more than anything that they have done a bunch or that is expensive.

  1. Music discovery night at home: If you want a chill night to really get to know someone, pull together a solid playlist of your fave tunes that that you feel like the other person hasn’t heard yet. You don’t even have to tell them to do the same. It is natural when you show them some of your favorites for them to want to jump in and show you some of theirs. This costs nothing and sets the tone to talk about fun interests and memories, as well as have an awesome jam session. If you’re 21, grab a bottle of wine for less than $10 if you’re feeling that vibe!
  2. Ice skating or roller blading: Okay so this is the most looked over fun thing to do ever! An average ice-skating ticket for an adult is $8 per person. That is for hours of fun and countless opportunities to be playful and silly for less than $10 per person! A little workout isn’t too bad either.
  3. Find a local concert or art show: Every city has a cool local artistic scene. If you feel like your date wants to get decked out and dressed up, this is the option for you! Cities have events for local artists to come together to showcase their work, do live art shows, or even get you involved as well! These events usually range from FREE to around $10 per person. All you have to do is Google art events coming up! Museums usually have a free day weekly, as well. The same goes for live music performances! Some of the greatest music shows are ones at local venues where you get to hear a new tone and maybe end up paying a $5 donation to the band.
  4. Go on a hike: Grab your dog, call your person, and get outdoors! Quickly check online to see if the hike is in a park that charges for parking or day passes (I’ve only been to one ever that does) and get moving! This leads to a great mood from your workout, ample time to get to enjoy each other’s company, great scenery at the top, and awesome photo ops. You can even grab a smoothie on the way home and still be way within your budget.

Take advantage of the season: Fall time? Go to a pumpkin patch. Do a drive to see the awesome leaves or scenery changing. Wintertime? Go look at Christmas lights! There are so many places that have free Christmas light events or drive-thrus, and some neighborhoods are even the place to go! Summertime? Find an awesome sunflower field, cool lake, or bike trail to check out.

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