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Health Pays You $10.75 A Minute!!!

by John Peters

The Mental Switch
There is a common misperception in most people’s minds, they think to themselves, “It takes money to be healthy”. The only advertised ways to get healthy are expensive diets, programs, and gyms. However, what the health industry doesn’t want you to know is that getting healthy can be simple and FREE. This blog’s goal is to give you just a few quick ways to start on the path to a healthy lifestyle that actually increases your wealth!

  1. COOK –Although fast food is tempting, there are almost no healthy options. With today’s grocery selection, cooking is faster and easier than ever and will take as much of your time as stopping by a fast food restaurant on the way home. The average fast food meal costs $8 when an equivalent meal cooked at home will only cost you $3. Not to mention the amount of money you will earn from having more energy from a healthier diet.
  2. WALK – PSA physically active lifestyles are endangered! We all can use more movement in our life. Adding additional steps anywhere you can will go a long way, improving your attitude and energy levels. This change could possibly be the catalyst to higher earnings and further opportunities.
  3. ALCOHOL – Reduce your alcohol consumption! The average American household spends $1000 dollars a year on alcohol. That’s just the average. Add another thousand a year to that in for your own bodies depreciation cost! Not to mention the wasted day of physical recovery one has to spend after an expensive night out.
  4. SODA – Soda is extremely unhealthy and has the highest mark up of any other item sold at a restaurant. The average markup is 10,000% !!! You read that correct, you are getting ripped off if you order soda at a restaurant plain and simple. Drinking soda will undoubtably make something of yours fatter, but its not your wallet. Cut out soda from your diet completely if you can.

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