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How to Make Cash With Instagram

by John Peters

You’re always excited about how many likes you get on your Instagram post, but it’d be more exciting to get paid for those likes. We came up with a pretty awesome way to make cash with Instagram likes

Social media advertising is huge and extremely valuable. Companies will pour money into advertising if it means they can connect to the right customer. And what better way to do so than reaching people on one of the most used social media platforms?

Step 1: Find Your Niche

Question: Why is Instagram advertising so valuable?
Answer: Companies want to reach a specific person that will be interested in their project.

For example, let’s say you start a fishing Instagram page. You make the perfect @name and have the perfect profile picture logo. You post pictures of huge fish, cool ponds and bays, and sentimental fishing pictures.

Let’s fast forward to when you have a ton of followers. You have now created your own niche: An Instagram page full of fishermen. Any company trying to sell a lure or fishing clothes is going to be willing to pay you money to make a post about their product.

Step 2: Get Followers

You have your niche and the page is up. But how do you find people to follow it? This is the hardest part but we have a couple of tricks up our sleeves…

First, you’ll need content. You may have to post for a few weeks without many followers or likes. That’s okay, people aren’t going to follow a page with nothing on it.

Second, you start using hashtags. Use relevant hashtags to your post, that’s how you’ll find the right people. For our fishing example you might use hashtags such as #fishing or #bigbass. And you can use as many hashtags as your heart desires.

Third, follow other people and comment on other fishing posts. This is a great way to directly get your Instagram name out to multiple, specific people.

DO NOT use hashtags such as #likeforlike or #follow4follow because you aren’t going to get the right type of people liking your page. Remember, you need to get followers that campanies want to reach.

Step 3: Find Advertisers

Now that you have all these followers, you can start making money… once you find people willing to pay you. Start with smaller companies. Reach out to companies in your niche through Instagram, Twitter, and their website to tell them you can boost their sales, because you can. You now have a valuable service not only for other companies, but for your audience interested in your niche. In our example, people interested in fishing would be excited to hear about a new crank bait that was just released.

After you find a couple of potential advertisers, you’ll find a perfect price point. Gauge what people are willing to pay and how. You could charge companies a flat rate (one time fee, upfront) or something more creative such as Pay-Per-Like (companies pay $x.xx per like on your post).

In this example, you agree with a lure company that they’ll pay $0.10 per like. You post on Instagram and get 2,100 likes. You just made $210.00 for posting an Instagram picture. I bet you’re more excited about likes now.

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