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How to Make Cash with Twitter

by John Peters

You’re always excited by how many likes and retweets you can get on whatever combination of 140 characters you can come up with, but what if you could also be making some serious cash while you do it? We came up with a quick list of things you can do to make cash with Twitter !

1. Gain a Following
This one is a no-brainer; to have a decent Twitter account you have to have a lot of followers. There are an infinite amount of ways that you can do this. Maybe you post some hilarious pictures/videos with clever captions. Maybe you post super intriguing articles about history and science that most people would not have found on their own. Maybe you just post cute animal pictures every day. Whatever it is, do it consistently, and make sure everything you post is something you yourself would pay attention to if it were on your feed. 

2. Use the Right Hashtags
This one kind of goes along with step one. There are millions of bots on Twitter with the sole purpose of detecting new posts using certain hashtags then following that account. These may be good early on to boost follower numbers, however this is not the audience you are ultimately trying to reach. Use hashtags that real people would actually be searching, for example if your account was focused on pizza and you used the hashtag #NationalPizzaDay. Do not use hashtags such as #follow4follow or anything of the sort because this will only reach those bots mentioned earlier.

3. Find Advertisers
Once you’ve gained any sort of notoriety and have a decent following, your account is now valuable and you can start finding ways to monetize your popularity. Depending on what demographics you are reaching, different companies will be willing to pay you for sponsored tweets about their products.

4. Use an Ad Platform
There are many reputable ad platforms you can sign up for which take all the pressure of reaching out to companies off of you. Platforms like MyLikesAd.lyand Rev Twt all allow you to choose what advertisers you would like to work with and when you want to tweet promotions for them. Some of these platforms allow you to state how much you want to charge advertisers for promotions from your account, while others take your followers and reputation into account and connect you with campaigns willing to pay you for how extensive your reach is. 

5. Promote your Brand

If you already have an Instagram and YouTube account, keep your viewers engaged across all platforms! It is important to keep a loyal audience, and the best way to do that is to reach them from several different mediums. Continuously cross referencing yourself across various websites is a great way to increase your own popularity and thus add value to your personal brand. If your YouTube channel is monetized, directing all your newfound Twitter followers there is an easy way to generate some extra revenue for yourself.

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