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How To Make Thousands By Selling Sneakers

by John Peters

Some Background
For the better part of the decade, sneakers have become more than just a piece of clothing. Sneakers are a lifestyle, a fashion statement, an obsession, and most surprisingly, they have become a means to make a living. Footwear has always been an integral part of the fashion industry, and in every industry, there is always a sub-culture that includes crazed fanatics; sneaker culture is no different.

These crazed fanatics like to call themselves “Sneakerheads”; basically someone who collects, wears, or sells sneakers. Like any rare commodity, there is money to made and a lot of it! It’s the exact same with sneakers. The sneaker industry is worth over a billion dollars today and there are no signs of slowing down. It has become a lifestyle for millions of people and will be profitable for years to come! So let’s dive into how you can make thousands by selling sneakers!

Where to start
If you are new to the sneaker game and your sole purpose is to sell sneakers to make a profit, the first step to your business endeavor is to familiarize yourself with sneaker releases and how they work. Head over to websites like sneakernews.comsolecollector.com, or nicekicks.com to catch up on the hottest stories in the industry. All of these websites provide daily content, release dates, and methods to purchase specific sneakers. Doing your research is key to being successful as a new-comer into reselling, so make sure you don’t overlook this step!

Sneakers aren’t rocket science, but there is some deeper understanding on the topic that can only be acquired through experience, so don’t expect to become a professional re-seller over night.

How Much Money Can Actually Make?
Best case scenario, you can make millions. Will you actually? Probably not, but you can still make a considerable amount. Whether it’s paying tuition or funding a new car, the cash you can potentially make is no joke. If you’re consistent with it, expect your profits to be in the thousands.

Benjamin Kickz (@benjaminkickz) is the epitome of what every sneaker reseller strives to be. A 16 year old kid from Miami, Ben started selling sneakers on the side. Eventually, he built up his status and started paying people to stand in line for him to acquire shoes. Soon enough, he found himself selling sneakers to DJ Khaled. After some Snapchat buzz, Ben Kicks went viral and his business took off. He’s now a millionaire before the age of 20.

One of the biggest problems in sneaker culture is the constant circulation of fake sneakers. Counterfeit commodity manufacturers are producing the best quality replicas ever and because of this, many people are losing thousands of dollars while wearing counterfeit sneakers.

Theres a few ways to combat this:

  1. Sneaker Groups – utilize Facebook search to track down a sneaker group near you. Facebook groups are very common in sneaker culture and are used to buy, sell, or authenticate sneakers in all within a certain geographic region. Post pictures of the shoes and ask for a “legit check”. More than likely, people will comment and let you know their thoughts. 9/10 times the answers will be similar, so it will be easy
  2. Only buy in-store or online – Try to avoid buying from real people as much as possible. That is how most fakes are circulated into the market, so head over to your local mall or boutique to pick up sneakers. Retail stores get their inventory straight from the brands, so the sneakers are authenticated. Same goes for online retailers.
  3. Purchase through StockX or GOAT – These two sneaker marketplaces have been created for two reasons: 1) To provide information on resell prices 2) Authenticate what you are buying. Whenever you purchase a sneaker from one of these platforms, you are buying from a real person. You could say StockX and GOAT act as the middle-man in the transaction. The seller is required to send the pair of sneakers to the respective company and they will authenticate. If the sneaker is real, it’ll be on the way to your house. If not, your money will be refunded. Though it can be pricey, its a simple and hassle-free solution to putting an end to counterfeits (that probably will never happen, but hey, we can try!)

Stay consistent for the best results
Once you indulge yourself into Sneaker Culture, you will soon learn that it is simply a game and that you have to play it the right way to be successful. Playing the game consistently will be your only way to the top, so be patient!

Reselling sneakers is a great way to make some money. It’s completely legal and incredibly lucrative, so there’s not really much that can wrong. That being said, be smart and treat is a business if you want people to take you seriously! Notoriety can get you a lot of places, so who knows? Maybe reselling sneakers in your first step to something great!

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