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How to Save on Your Sam’s Club Membership and Why You Need One

by John Peters

In a pandemic, a stocked clean fridge and a hefty appliance closet are your best friends.

Jeff and Bill are just going to have to wait.

Yet, becoming a Sam’s Club member is sort of like becoming a fraternity brother.

You’re always invited.

You’re welcome to hang out later than others.

And you get all the good stuff for cheap thanks to your connects.

For just a $45/year membership, we’re willing to bet your entire budget for groceries, appliances, tires, and fuel absolutely plummets as you shop for all of those things in bulk while saving 10% cashback on your membership thanks to Zap Surveys!

Why You Need a Sam’s Club Membership:

• Same-day or two-day grocery delivery.

• Curbside pickup.

• Access to Sam’s Club Tire & Battery Center.

• Access to Sam’s Club Fuel Center.

• You are granted $45 off their first in-club purchase of $45 or more when you join, as long as you use your credit within 60 days of when it’s loaded to your new account, essentially making your membership free for the year.

• 5% cashback on fuel thanks to eligibility for Sam’s Club Mastercard.


How to Earn 10% Cashback on Your Sam’s Club Membership

  1. Open Zap Surveys
  2. Tap “Shop” on iOS or “Earn cash back” on Android
  3. Select Sam’s Club and tap “Shop Now”
  4. Install the Sam’s Club App or use the Mobile Website
  5. Sign in or create your Sam’s Club Account
  6. Shop and earn cashback!
Your cashback will be available in your account in a few days, but no more than 90. Scout’s honor!

By the way…

Sam’s Club is running a colossal July 4th sale right now on mattresses, appliances, and furniture until July 8th you’ll want to take advantage of. And yes, if you shop through the Zap Surveys app you can benefit from the sales AND from the cash back!

As our nation’s 244th birthday rolls around this summer, there’s never been a better time to become a Sam’s Club member.

Remember, earning cashback on your Sam’s Club purchases has never been easier thanks to using Zap Surveys!

Click this link to get your Sam’s Club cashback!


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