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How Zap Survey’s “Zap Shop” Works

by John Peters

If you’ve used Zap Surveys before, you know that attaining a $25 cash-out balance is very possible, but may prove to be a challenge if you aren’t using the app to its full potential. Zap Surveys already features several ways to earn including high-paying surveys, daily login rewards, location surveys aka location rewards, and disqualification credits. If all of those ways-to-earn don’t fulfill your needs, worry not! Zap Shop is the perfect solution for you. 

What is Zap Shop?

Zap Shop is a new feature in the Zap Surveys app that offers cashback for all purchases you make through the app. Brands such as Target, GameStop, Groupon, and many more to bring you a modern-day shopping experience all the while increasing your Zap Surveys balance and speeding up your cash-out time! 

How does it work?

Just shop your favorite brands in the Zap Surveys app. After you make a purchase, we’ll add money into your Zap Surveys balance within 48 to 72 hours. When you complete your purchase, a yellow circle will display right above your balance showing your pending cashback amount so you know exactly how much cashback you’ll be earning! 

Cashback offers can be up to 40% back so that means a typical $100 purchase could put $40 into your Zap Surveys account! That being said, you’re probably wondering how Zap Shop benefits you.

How Zap Shop benefits you

Earning cashback on your purchases is not a new concept by any means, but it’s becoming more and more popular as the world of e-commerce continues to grow. That means if you start getting in the habit of using cashback offers now, you’ll end up earning hundreds or thousands of dollars back. 

What to expect from Zap Shop moving forward

Zap Shop is just getting started, so bigger and better brands are coming very soon! From travel brands like Airlines and hotels to rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft, Zap Shop will have it all!

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