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Join Zap Surveys In The Fight Against Hunger

by John Peters

As we all know, hunger has been, and still is, one of the biggest problems we face as humans. Close to 800 million people suffer from malnutrition everyday to a point that they cannot lead a healthy lifestyle. That is about 1 in 9 people who live on Earth. Given the technological advancements we have made, that ratio seems quite large. It is clear that this is an issue thats needs to be resolved, but it’s not something that can be done over night. Thankfully, Action Against Hunger is doing all they can to combat this pressing issue. Join Zap Surveys in the fight against hunger.

What is Action Against Hunger?
Action Against Hunger is a world renowned organization that aims to suppress child hunger and repercussions that come with it. Their main mission to to save the lives of the unfortunate by providing clean water, food, training, healthcare, and emergency services to people all over the world. Just last year, Action Against Hunger global network benefited nearly 20 million people in about 50 countries!

Action Against Hunger offers many different programs to tackle all facets of global hunger. From Nutrition & Health to Emergency response, they do it all. They want to educate the misfortunate and help them prevent hunger from being an issue in the future. Action Against Hunger is deeply committed to changing lives for the better and strives to end undernutrition it all forms by the year 2030! This goal is definitely attainable, but they will need all the help they can get!

How You Can Make A Difference
There are several ways you can help alleviate global hunger!

  1. If you have any spare cash laying around, head over to the Action Against Hunger website and make a direct donation to the cause!
  2. Visit the Action Against Hunger website and subscribe!  All you need to do is enter your First Name and Email to subscribe and they will send out donation and volunteer opportunities!
  3. Download Zap Surveys – Our app, Zap Surveys, partners with Action Against Hunger to help save the lives of millions. For every dollar a person earns on the Zap Surveys, $0.05 is donated to Action Against Hunger. This is a win-win situation; You get to help contribute to a great cause while making some extra cash!

Thanks for reading!

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