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by John Peters

What is Loot Lagoon?
Loot Lagoon is an online website that allows anyone to earn real money! With unlimited offers and surveys to choose from, unlimited cash outs, and a helpful pirate to boost your earnings, you’ll be on your way to having your own treasure chest in no time!

How much can I earn with Loot Lagoon?
You can earn unlimited cash with Loot Lagoon. Cash out every time your balance goes above $30.00! Along the way you’ll find tons of offers to complete that pay up to $100.00!

Is Loot Lagoon linked with Zap Surveys?
Yes! Any money you make on Loot Lagoon will be added to your Zap Surveys account and vice-versa! Now you can earn online, on the go, on an app, whatever! You can always be making money!

What payments does Fish for Money offer?
You can cash out via PayPal or Amazon eGift Card in the exact dollar amount of your current balance! PayPal payments are instant! *Note that, in rare cases, Amazon eGift Card payments can take up to 7, or even 30 days.