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Make Your Summer Funner

by John Peters

The most wonderful time of the year is almost here: summer (no offense to Christmas). Summer has it all: warm weather, no school, ice cream. But as with every year, people struggle to make the most out of their summer break. This blog post is dedicated to helping you make the most out of your summer break. So here it is, things to do to get the most of your summer.

Travel somewhere new
This is what summer is all about.. traveling somewhere new. It doesn’t have to be somewhere far or exotic (you can have just as much fun on a trip to somewhere close than a trip to Europe). Summer is about exploring, finding new places, and having new experiences.

Learn a new skill (or two)
Summer is the perfect time to learn a new skill or pick up a new hoppy. Whether that be learning a new instrument, playing a new sport, or learning how to cook, summer is the perfect time to better yourself. Don’t limit yourself! Try as many things as you can and you are bound to find a few you love.

Make some easy money
Money makes life easier, and Summer is no exception. That’s why it helps to have a side hustle to help you make some extra cash this summer. And no, I don’t mean open up a lemonade stand. There are way better ways to make money straight from your phone! Don’t believe me? Click here. Apps that Pay LLC provides a wide range of apps that pay you money for playing games, watching videos, or completing tasks. These apps

Spend time with family
The rest of the year can be pretty hectic, which makes summer the ideal time to spend time with family. That can be visiting relatives, or just spending some quality time with your immediate family.

Have an ultimate lazy day 
At least once this summer, pick a rainy day to do absolutely nothing. Stay in bed, pick out a good Netflix show or a good book, and download some fun apps like any of these and proceed to relax.

​Spend time in nature
Go outside! After all, summer is the ideal time to go on a hike and spend time in nature. The weather is beautiful and few things are as good for the soul as getting lost in nature.

​Make some easy money 
Yep. It’s on here twice. Start making money from your phone now by clicking here.


These are just some of the many ways you can get the most out of your summer break. So get out there, enjoy the summer, and most importantly have some fun.

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