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Banking vs Investing!

by John Peters

We all know we should invest, but not many of us see the massive value it really adds to our wealth. This blog post is devoted to showing you the difference in putting your money in a savings account vs investing in an averagely performing mutual fund and its effect on your bottom line.

The Savings Account
Say you start with $10,000 in the bank account
You invest $50 a month for 25 years
Your typical bank savings account pay .02% interest monthly
At the end of the 25 years your account total is $25,087.81

The Mutual Fund
You start with the same amount, $10,000
You invest the same $50 a month for 25 years
A well performing mutual fund will have an average return of 10% annually
At the end of the 25 years your account total is $173,256.12

Use Zap Surveys to earn that $50 a month for your Mutual Fund! As you can see the interest your investment receives is even more valuable than the hard cash your putting into the account. At $173,256.12 you increased your overall earnings by $148,169,  a costly amount to overlook!

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