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Money Mission Terms of Service

by John Peters


Money Mission is an IOS Applications that pays users for completing the listed challenges. Payments are paid via a direct PayPal payment ($10.00 USD) or via an Amazon eGift Card ($10.00 USD). Upon completing the challenges, users will see a “cash out” button. When that is clicked users will click another “cash out” button. When the second “cash out” button is clicked, a warning will appear. The warning states that the user must (1) have a strong internet connection so the form can show and (2) have a Google account username and password ready to sign in. The Google sign in limits each user so that they can only receive one gift card each.

Failure to oblige to the pop-up warning will result in a termination of the user receiving his or her gift card. For any reason that your gift card is not sent to you, you will not be notified that you will not receive your gift card, nor will you receive any email.

Any form of fraud will result in the user not receiving his or her gift card. Any suspicion of fraud will result in the user not receiving his or her gift card.

Each user is allowed only one gift card. Any duplicating emails during submission will be considered fraud and will result in a termination of your gift card being sent to you.

Fraud can be defined as the following: (1) Artificially increasing one’s score through a third party program. (2) Exploiting the submission form to submit for multiple gift cards and or PayPal payments. (3) Implementing any third party program while using the app, Money Mission. (4) Submitting the form for multiple gift cards and or PayPal payments. (5) Using different forms of identification in an attempt to receive multiple gift cards and or PayPal payments. (6) Using more than one email address in an attempt to receive multiple gift cards and or PayPal payments. (7) Artificially increasing one’s scores in any way. (8) Using the app without receiving ads. (9) Artificially completing the challenges.

For any reason a user does not receive their gift card, PayPal payment, or their gift card code does not work, there are no refunds. We will not send users a second card.

In the event that in-app pop up ads are not working, $10 gift cards will not be given out. Thus, if pop-up ads are not appearing while playing the game the water button, it is in the users best interest to not use Money Mission until the issue is fixed.

Users who reach a million taps will be asked to submit a legal photo identification of themselves. This can be a legal driver’s license, a passport, a military ID, or a student ID. This will not be done in the submission form. The user will receive an email from money.mission@mail.com prompting the user to provide the legal photo identification. When this email is received, the user must reply to the email with your legal ID in PDF format. Failure to respond within thirty days with an attached ID in PDF format will result in a cancelation of the user’s gift card being sent. Once the user replies to the email with the PDF form of legal identification, it can take up to thirty days for the user to receive his or her gift card. The card will be sent via email. The cards contain a code that allows the user to use the code online to the respective online store. Please review our privacy policy to answer any inquiries about photo identification.

The gift cards offered are subject to change. Furthermore, any third party pressure that forces us to change our policy, such as Apple compliance, we must comply. By accepting our terms of service, you agree to this possible sudden change.

Please note that this Terms of Service is subject to change. Please visit http://lodgeapps.com for the most updated version of our Terms of Service.

The gift cards are not used for the UK store. If you get to a million taps, you may email us to request a gift card for the UK store, but we cannot guarantee we can send you one.

Be aware that any emails sent to users may end up in a “spam” or “junk” folder. Please be cautious of this and regularly check these folders to ensure proper gift card delivery.

Note: The gift cards given out are in no way affiliated with Apple. Additionally, the process of giving out the gift cards is in no way affiliated with Apple.

By using Money Mission, you agree to our Terms of Service.