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Profit Off the Solar Eclipse

by John Peters

​There’s a ton of hype around the solar eclipse coming up on August 21, 2017 (They’re rarer than the common expression, it only happens once in a blue moon).

So there’s a ton of hype around this eclipse and millions of people are going to go out to see it. Unfortunately, you’ll burn your eyes if you look at the eclipse without special glasses compliant with ISO 12312-2, an international safety standard.

Here’s the trick:

  1. Pretty much the only way to get these glasses is online, which most people aren’t going to do in advance.
  2. These glasses are flimsy and can be bought for $3-$4 when bought in a pack of 100 or more

What do you have with this information? A lot of people who didn’t think ahead and are willing to pay a lot more than $3 or $4 for this once in a lifetime experience.

Our advice: 
Make the investment of $300.00 to buy 100 sunglasses. Sell the sunglasses at $15.00 each starting the weekend before August 21, 2017. On the actual day of the eclipse, sell the sunglasses for $20.00 each.

Your projected profit off of these glasses is estimated to be around $1,750–a profit of $1,450.

But don’t forget to keep a pair for yourself and enjoy the eclipse!

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