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Robbing Retailers: The 5 Best Deals on the Internet

by John Peters

From Amazon to Zillow, we’ve found some of the best places on the internet to find good deals and save some extra cash!

1. Amazon Featured Deals
You’ve almost definitely used Amazon to buy everything from clothes to textbooks to toys for your kids, but have you ever taken a look at the Today’s Deals section? This page displays discounts anywhere from 10% all the way up to 95% off of certain items! Find clothing, gadgets, household items, and more discounted at ludicrous rates.

2. AliExpress
Ever get those Instagram or Facebook advertisements for heavily discounted nice looking clothing and accessories? A majority of these websites are actually just a front end for Chinese online marketplaces and resell their goods for much higher prices, essentially a virtual middleman. Go straight to the source with websites like AliExpress, which sell a wide range of clothes, accessories, and gadgets for extremely low prices. Be cautious however, you really do get what you pay for, so some items you get may not be of extremely high quality. In addition, items may take quite a bit longer to arrive. Make sure what you’re buying has good reviews and is from a reputable dealer before wasting your money.

3. eBay Daily Deals
Just like with Amazon, eBay offers huge discounts on select products every day, with some savings reaching above 90% of their original price. As with all marketplace sites, make sure that all the dealers you order from are reputable and have good reviews before you order anything from them. This being said eBay is much more reliable today than in years past and you can find some very good deals on just about everything you can think of.

4. Etsy Sales Events
Every so often the popular craft-based online marketplace will run special deals on decor, clothing, jewelry and many other products they advertise. You can expect to find discounts anywhere from 10-60% off during these sales events, so go find a nice gift for yourself or your loved ones!

5. RetailMeNot
For just about every website on the internet that you can buy things from, there is a promo code or coupon that can be applied to get discounts. Sites like RetailMeNot allow you to find these codes easily, and get savings that you would not have known about otherwise. Always see if you can find a coupon on google for whatever you are shopping for.

Good luck on your hunt for savings! We hope you have enjoyed this list and encourage you to check out some of our other blogs.
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