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Should I Earn Cash with Facebook Marketplace?

by John Peters

​Let’s talk about the art of selling your unused items online. You’ve attempted to feel boujiee using Poshmark. You’ve counted your blessings before a Craigslist transaction. You’ve even tested patience with the overeager eBay customer asking where his item is every 12 hours.

Selling your unused items doesn’t have to be such an uncertain experience, guys. Facebook Marketplace combines the positive aspects of multiple re-selling sites.

  1. It’s connected to the seller’s Facebook which makes it easy to see if it’s a shady situation or not. Check out their friends list (some might even be mutual), interactions, date their page was created, etc. Same goes for the seller being informed about the buyer.
  2. You can usually pick the item up immediately which minimizes turnaround time, and you don’t have to deal with any kind of shipping ordeals or prices.
  3. You can also see the quality and authenticity of the product in person. Users usually meet up in public places and are located close to each other.

Personally, I love re-selling on Facebook Marketplace. If I get a great deal on items, I can sell them and turn a little profit using Marketplace. Now if you’re trying to be super consumer savvy like me, you can even fund the initial purchases with free money from Zap Surveys. I’m all about the side-hustle.

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This app is beautiful


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