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Taking Surveys: How Millions of People Make Money

by John Peters

People are always finding new ways to some extra money. From being someones friend (rentafriend.com is a real website) to selling organs, there a million ways to make money online. But one of the easiest and fastest ways to make some extra dough is by answering questions. Fortune 500 companies are always looking to gain basic information about their consumers and different demographics which they use to market effectively. These same companies will pay you to fill out simple surveys. Ready to make money with surveys ?

So why should I hop on the survey bandwagon? Surveys on some apps, like Zap Surveys, can pay anywhere from a few dollars to around 50 dollars. Moreover, credible survey apps, like Zap Surveys, will never disclose your personal information to any third party, so you know your information will be protected. Lastly, some surveys can be completed in less than a minute. Taking surveys is truly a fast and efficient way to earn money from your phone.

How do I get started taking surveys? Get started immediately by clicking here (if you are reading this on your iPhone) or by simply searching ‘Zap Surveys’ on the App Store. Zap Surveys will pay you $6.25 just for taking your first survey. Start taking one of the hundreds of surveys they offer on your app and you will start reeling in some extra cash.

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