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The Best App For Paid Surveys in 2019

by John Peters

In recent years, paid surveys have become a popular trend amongst smartphone users as a means to pass time and earn some extra cash at the time. There are dozens of paid survey providers, but some may seem scammy or misleading. So we are going to tell you about the best way to take surveys on the go with the best app for paid surveys! 

Zap Surveys  – Rating: 5/5 

Maybe we are a little biased here because Zap Surveys is our app, but nonetheless,  Zap Surveys is the #1 Paid Survey App for a reason.

Zap Surveys is the best choice for both first time survey takers who are looking to make some extra cash as well as seasoned survey veterans who have been around the block a few times. The app is available on iOS and Android and is incredibly easy to use. You simply download the app, register using your email or Facebook account, and start taking surveys! You get paid $6 after your first survey, so you get off to a quick start! The app offers several different options on how you can grow your earnings other than just taking surveys.

Some of those options include:

Location Rewards: If you turn on your location settings and are within a certain radius of a participating store, Zap Surveys will pay you $.05 – $.08. This can quickly add up over time and is a great way to a quicker cash out!

Daily Prizes: If you login into the app everyday and check in under the “daily” section you get paid some extra change just for checking in! If you get up to a 3-day log in streak, you will start earning 3 cents just for a quick tap or two!

Refer Your Friends: Zap Surveys implemented a referral program where you get paid $.45 every time someone registers using your link. Whomever you refer will also earn $0.75 and get their earning journey off to a solid start.

Download now and start your earning journey today!

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