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What Side Job Works for You?

by John Peters

When the money you’re making just isn’t enough, you should look into finding a side job. We created a list of the top 5 ways to make money on the side!

5. Become a Teacher 

Not a full time teacher, but teach on the side! You can make money by teaching others your skills. This could be piano lessons, tutoring for math, help with a sport, or anything you can do to help someone!

4. Babysit 

One job that is often overlooked is babysitting. You can make $10 / hour by looking after kids while parents finally get a night to themselves. Start talking to family and friends to see if they’re looking for a babysitter!

3. Use Apps that Pay 

In your free time, use apps that pay you real money. You can check out some of our own apps like Zap Surveys !

2. Become a Coach 

What’s more fun than playing a sport? Making money to coach a sport. See if your local high school needs extra help coaching a team! The pay won’t be great, but it will be enough to get you out of the house for some extra cash.

1. Become a Dog Walker 

Every day people are off to work and leave their pets alone for 8-10 hours. So what does this mean for you? This means that you can make money by walking their dogs for them and looking out for their pets! This is something that not only keeps you active, but also create longer term wealth as people who need dog walkers need help every single day.

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