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Bird Hunter – The Newest On Demand Side Hustle

by John Peters

​       Earn up to $400 dollars a night in passive income and get paid while you sleep by collecting scooters and charging them overnight.

The California based company, Bird, is releasing thousands of birds in cities across America. I know what your thinking, BIRDS?!? Is Mike Tyson behind this? But fear not, bird poo will not be raining from the skies, these birds are actually electric scooters. The electric scooters are available for anyone to use that has the Bird app. Besides the fact that these bird scooters are a nifty new way to get around the city, Bird is also the newest employer of contracted on-demand workers. Paying people through the app, just like Zap Surveys for the work they need done to keep the scooters going.

Getting paid by bird is easy, just download the app and click “Become a Charger” in the menu. A quick phone call is all that stands between you and making money, the requirements are:

  1. Must be 18 years or older
  2. Must own a car
  3. Must live near a bird use area
  4. Must be able to charge 3 scooters at a time

The company sends you chargers for free after making you an official “Bird Hunter”. You can access a map interface through the bird app that tells you where the birds that need charging are and how much they will pay you to charge them. The company pays anywhere from $5-$20 per scooter depending on how difficult it is to find and release the scooter. You can charge up to 20 scooters for up to $400 dollars a night.

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