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Two Ways To Buy Smarter

by John Peters

1. Don’t Buy Knock Offs:
We’ve all bin there, standing in the aisle, with two options in front of us, a quality name brand product or a knock off product for half the price. The half price item is overwhelmingly tempting, after all it is the same thing just a different brand right, WRONG. These knock off brand products are made with much cheaper materials and are poorly constructed. You will end up back at the store buying the knock off brand time and time again after each one breaks until you finally buy the name brand and your kicking yourself for all the money you wasted by trying to save money. For example, I was at the store trying to buy a phone charger. The name brand charger was $30 bucks, what moron would buy that when there a dozens of cheaper options, I thought to myself. I went with the $8 dollar box that came with 2 chargers and walked away confident I made the smart choice. A week later both chargers had snapped off at the tip. Now I had to go back to the store, and spend more of my time and money on this problem that I could have solved already. Don’t be me and spend good money the first time and never look back.

2. Always Ask For Coupons:
Couponing can be a time consuming process, that many of us busy bees aren’t willing to spend time on. It can be annoying to navigate the soup of deals at stores and it all seems purposely hard to grapple with. Why can’t stores just automatically give all their customers the best deal. Stores purposely make it hard for everyone to find the best deal in an attempt to separate price conscious customers from less frugal ones. The people not willing to do the work to find the deal will pay full price and the people only willing to purchase the product with a sale will find the deal and make the purchase. This is what economists call a separating equilibrium, which allows the store to get the most our of ever customer. But there is a simple and easy way around the retail stores games. Once you get to the counter simply ask the clerk if there are any coupons or deals, most stores policy is that they have to give you the coupon or deal. Even if you didn’t do the work to find the coupon and align your purchases to the best deals you still get the best possible price! There is almost always a deal purposely hidden for only price conscious consumers to find, but with a simple ask, all consumers can easily get sale prices on their items. So next time your watching that clerk ring up your items, don’t be afraid to ask him to reduce the price, most of the time they will.

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